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The co—matter podcast #33

Sarah Drinkwater: What is The Responsible Tech Movement?

Sarah Drinkwater is the Director of Responsible Tech at Omidyar Network, a social change venture that works to bring about structural changes that will fundamentally shift the systems that govern our daily lives.

Sarah is on a mission to make technology more ethical and responsible. In 2020 she and her team launched the Ethical Explorer, a collection of tools to help people building software and technology navigate its impact.

In our conversation we talked about:

  • The responsible tech movement and what it takes to build software more responsibly and ethically
  • The future of community organizing on the internet, micro movements and decentralization
  • Renaissance literature, business books and where to find inspiration to break out of our own bubbles

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Follow Sarah at @sarahdrinkwater on Twitter and Medium. Thank you Omidyar Network for making this conversation possible. You can download the Ethical Explorer here.