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Hampus Jakobsson: There is no us vs them in the climate crisis

Hampus Jakobsson is an entrepreneur and investor based out of Malmö, Sweden.

The co—matter podcast 023 | October 23, 2019

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Hampus is a man of many talents: having sold the company he co-founded as a student for 150$M to Blackberry, he spent the past years investing in over 80 companies and supporting ambitious founders all over the world.

After an intense research period earlier this year, Hampus decided to only invest in companies that contribute to solving the climate crisis.

In August 2019 we had the chance to sit down with Hampus at The Conference in Malmö to chat about topics such as:

  • Why is there no us vs them in the climate crisis? 

  • What is the role of nuclear energy in this crisis? 

  • Why are we acting like super anxious teenagers amidst this global debate?

Follow Hampus at @hajak.


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