Santiago Siri: Can the internet save democracy?

Santiago is the founder of Democracy Earth, an open source platform for governance and community participation.

The co—matter podcast 020 | May 07, 2019

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A former video game developer turned activist-slash-founding member of Argentina's political party Partido de la Red, Santi takes us on a walk through NYC's central park to talk about the future of democracy. We explore the intersection between democracy and the internet to understand how technology can help make governance better - in the democratic systems of our future, as well as in any other community we’re building.

And because we like to keep our episodes unpredictable, this one features the lovely–yet sometimes distracting–chirping of birds on a spring day in New York City’s Central Park. Ladies and gents, here is episode 20 of the Community Podcast with Santiago Siri.

Follow Santiago's work at or @santisiri.

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