Solana Larsen: How to keep the internet healthy

Today, April 24, 2019 Mozilla released their third annual Internet Health Report. The Internet Health Report asks important questions about the Internet: is it healthy? Is it safe? How open is it? And who is welcome?

The co—matter podcast 019 | April 24, 2019

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We took the opportunity to talk with Solana Larsen, the editor of the report, about what she and her team found out this year. After all, this is not about Instagram being down. It’s about the state of an ecosystem that billions of people depend on for their lives and livelihood.

Solana shares how Internet health can be measured, why digital rights, digital literacy and Internet governance are important and how each of us can contribute to improving the Internet’s well-being. And let's tell you this upfront: Solana is both worried and optimistic about the future - listen and you'll know why.

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