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Jyri Engeström: Investing into the web's social infrastructure

Jyri is a Finland-born, California-raised entrepreneur who's been building online social networks since the dawn of the web 2.0 era.

The co—matter podcast 018 | April 09, 2019

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With Yes VC, the early-stage venture fund he started together with his partner Caterina Fake, Jyri now invests in the next generation of the web’s social infrastructure.

Jyri and Caterina have been involved in many of the last decade's influential online platforms: from photo-sharing community Flickr and mobile social network Jaiku to the ubiquitous Kickstarter and billion-dollar marketplaces like Etsy. Through all this, they’ve remained a valuable critical voice in Silicon Valley, rooting for a web that distributes power and serves human needs.

In our call with Jyri, we talked about him growing up in the Silicon Valley of the 90s, the roots of the social web, communities as essential building blocks of society, the role of venture capital in helping social movements grow, future trends and how the internet, at its best, helps people help other people.


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