Kathryn Geels: What is engaged journalism?

Kathryn Geels is the director of the Engaged Journalism Accelerator based out of London, UK.

The co—matter podcast 027 | November 17, 2019

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We talk about:

  • The Engaged Journalism Accelerator and its mission to inspire, connect and support news organisations across Europe to empower communities and their conversations

  • The shift in journalism to become more audience-focussed. Not just in terms of subscriptions / advertising revenue, but more in how readers can participate in all aspects of a news organization

  • Germany's membership-based news platform Krautreporter and how they share their insights in their playbook for engaged journalism to help other news organizations break out of their silos

  • Spain's Maldita that established an ambassador program called "Malditos" and an open CRM that allows its community to contribute to the organization

  • How traditional news organizations can adapt to becoming more community-driven through opening up processes, decision making and letting people participate more

Follow Kathryn at @girlondon and @ejcnet.

A special shout-out goes to Kathryn's team Ben Whitelaw and Madalina Ciobanu who Kathryn chose to greet in her final remarks on the conversation. Hi Ben and Madalina!


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