Portrait of director Petra Costa

Petra Costa: The Edge of Democracy

Petra is a Brazilian filmmaker whose documentary The Edge of Democracy got released on Netflix today. The Edge of Democracy is a very personal film about the political situation in Brazil, told through the eyes of Petra who witnessed first-hand the rise and fall of her country’s leaders.

The co—matter podcast 022 | June 19, 2019

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We met with Petra after the documentary’s screening at Copenhagen’s CPH:DOX earlier this year. Her movie reflects a crisis in democracy that’s not only happening in Brazil, but all over the world. As people lose trust in their institutions, they are starting to doubt democracy as the best way to govern themselves. Some of the core beliefs that held our countries together are being questioned right now.

So when we talk about community, can a country or a nation still be a community today? Are we united by a core set of values and beliefs that connect us? If not, what use does the nation state still have?  Why are we getting further apart from each other? What moves us to extreme, divisive opinions and positions? These are the questions we explored in our talk with Petra for episode #22 of The Community Podcast.

Watch the Edge of Democracy on Netflix, and follow Petra Costa on Twitter.


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