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Pop-In Call #3

Adobe’s Creative Residency and Community Programs w/ Franziska Parschau

Pop-in calls are short, hands-on conversations where members of the co-matter community call in to share insights about a specific project they currently work on.

Today we're joined by the amazing 
Franziska Parschau who leads Adobe’s creative community and Creative Residency Program in Germany.

We talk about:

  • Adobe’s Creative Residency: a global program that empowers creatives to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community.
  • The importance of creative mentorship & how the program expanded globally and into diverse areas of creativity (from photography and illustration to experiential and UI/UX design).
  • Adobe’s strategy to focus on mid-sized cities and small, but high-quality IRL events to bring its community together.

Here is episode #3 of the co-matter pop-in calls with Franziska Parschau.

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Follow Franziska at @3hg4x and check out the Adobe Creative Residency.

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