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The co—matter podcast #32

Peter Sunde: What Makes People Become Activists?

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi believes that content on the Internet should be free - a cause he famously went to jail for as a co-founder of the controversial file sharing service The Pirate Bay.

Now, Peter has released a documentary called THE ACTIVIST; a 5 part series for Finnish television where Peter meets with Edward Snowden, Greenpeace captain Paul Watson and other activists to find out what makes them fight for their causes.

Reasons enough for us to take a train to Malmo, Sweden, to catch up with Peter.  In our conversation we talk about:

  • How Peter thinks about activism, internet freedom and changing the world in 2020
  • What Peter learned from activists around the world: how moral integrity drives people to become activists, engage in civil disobedience and break laws to fight for a more just world
  • Why we can’t fix the system within the system, power is more centralized and activism as a tool is more accessible today than ever before; and what that means for our future

Here’s episode #32 of the co-matter podcast with Peter Sunde.

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☝️Peter and Severin at Peter's new project, transforming an old train stable near Malmo's central station into a creative space.

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