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The co—matter podcast #30

Lea Korsgaard & Jakob Moll: Zetland, The Future Of Community Based Media

Lea Korsgaard and Jakob Moll are two of the four journalists who founded Zetland: a Danish digital newspaper and media company that’s built on a community based membership model. 

Founded in 2012, the publication has over 10,000 paying subscribers in their community who read and listen to Zetland’s daily stories.

If you’re not from Denmark you might not have heard of Zetland before. But Zetland is part of an international wave of new media companies along with The Netherland's De Correspondent and Germany’s Krautreporter that pioneer digital first, quality-driven journalism that’s based on community based member subscriptions rather than advertising.

So how did Zetland get from 0 to a community of 10,000 paying subscribers? And what can we learn from journalism re-inventing itself through a community based membership model?

I met with Lea and Jakob at Zetland’s headquarters in Copenhagen to find out. We talk about:

  • How Zetland grew from 0 to 10,000 paying subscribers
  • The role of journalism in today’s society
  • Why it matters to collaborate with your community
  • The benefits of a community based membership model

Here is the episode #30 of the co-matter podcast with Lea Korsgaard and Jakob Moll.

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Follow Lea at @LeaKorsgaard and Jakob at @JakobMoll on Twitter. Cool job alert: Zetland are looking for a campaign manager to join their team in Copenhagen.

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