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The co-matter podcast #1:

How did Tech Open Air Become Europe's Biggest Interdisciplinary Tech Conference?

Welcome to the first edition of our new podcast. The co-matter podcast is a series of conversations with people who build communities, lead movements and create cultures. 

For our first episode I had the pleasure to talk to Niko Woischnik, the founder of Tech Open Air. Tech Open Air is Europe’s largest interdisciplinary tech conference that brings more than 20.000 people to Berlin this year.

Within 6 years Niko and his team grew TOA from crowdsourced project to a global platform with events in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Cape Town and Mexico. Their goal: to find the sweet spot where technology, art and music meet and enable people to connect, create and collaborate.

The 5 key take aways from our conversation

  • The founding story behind Tech Open Air: how crowdsourcing and townhall meetings established the culture that's still driving Tech Open Air
  • Why being close to your community enables you to better understand your audience
  • How Tech Open Air developed into a content platform; and why Axel Springer inspired them to keep strong rules about it
  • Transparency is key to TOA's success 
  • Tech Open Air's expansion into music and its aim to serve niche communities around the world


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