Music producer So Wylie, winner of the Native Instruments & Metapop Remix Competition 228

Designing the creator’s journey

Together with Native Instruments we created a playbook that defines the journey of becoming a music producer in today’s creative industries.

Founded in 1996, Native Instruments is one of the world’s leading music production companies. With many of the world’s most famous producers and DJs amongst its users, Native has become a household name in the creative industry and kept close ties with its community since the beginning. 

Through its exceptional hardware and software Native Instruments was part of creating a new paradigm in music production: the bedroom producer who doesn’t need an expensive studio but can create outstanding music from their home. 

With this as the new norm, enabling millions more people to get creative from wherever they are, we asked ourselves how the process to becoming a successful music producer is changing – and how Native Instruments can continue to be part of that journey from beginning to end.

By being part of the journey creators undergo in this changing landscape, from first discovery of their passion for music to becoming successful producers, companies can become platforms that identify, support and nurture the next generation of creatives.

NI_Farhot_case study
Native Instruments Creator Journey

The Community Playbook is the result of combining Native Instrument’s unique legacy as a community-driven brand with the shifting landscape the creative industry will undergo in the coming decade. 

Developed in collaboration with Native’s inhouse team the playbook serves as a framework for members across all teams, defining the company’s role in empowering and enabling the next generation in their creative journey.

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