Networked Worlds

A research memo on worlding as a creative strategy in the early 21st century.

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Made in collaboration with WeTransfer, Networked Worlds is a 96 page zine that investigates how artists and creatives are building worlds to find meaning and belonging.

To kick off our research process we hosted an Open Call for artists and collectives worldwide to submit their projects. In less than two weeks we received almost 400 applications out of which the following 10 projects were chosen to get featured and participate in the research process:

Morphogenic Angels: Chapter 1, by Keiken
post-office, by Bryan Wolff and the post-office cooperative
Special Fish, by Elliott Cost
Into the Void, by Limbo Accra
Other Spring, by ZZYW
Tale of the Mammoth Goddess, by Wendi Yan
The Orfelia, by Queer Futures Collective
Waluigi’s Purgatory, by dmstfctn
When we Love, by Chia Amisola

Networked Worlds is the third part of Networked Culture, a series of publications created in collaboration with WeTransfer that explore the effects of networked technologies on the creative process.

Worlding as an emergent creative practice

As a response to the multiple crises of our time – a crisis of reality, agency and traditional sensemaking structures – worlding is an emergent creative practice of re-imagining and prototyping alternative futures.

Using a variety of technologies, from AI to blockchain to photogrammetry, 3D engines and ancient rituals, the memo features 10 worlds that were selected out of our Open Call hosted earlier this year.

The research was further supported through conversations with artists and writers such as Ian Cheng, Alice Bucknell, James Bridle, Alex Quicho, Jazmin Morris and Georgina Voss.


Networked Worlds Table of Contents
Chia Amisola When We Love
Ursula K LeGuin A world is a container to create reality
dmstfctn Waluigi's Purgatory
Keiken Morphogenic Angels
Networked Worlds_collage

Release date: March 28, 2024
Partner: WeTransfer

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