The Hoxton Williamsburg Community co-matter

The Hoxton in Williamsburg, New York City

Unifiying the vision of a global hotel group

Together with The Hoxton, part of Ennismore’s group of hospitality brands, we helped develop a strategy for the open-house hotels to embrace local communities while staying aligned with its global brand vision.

First opened in London in 2006, The Hoxton operates hotels in Amsterdam, Paris, Williamsburg, Portland, Chicago and Los Angeles today. In each location the hotel is closely connected to its local neighbourhood through cultural collaborations, events, food and its open house approach that invites locals to connect with guests. 

As thousands of guests pass through its hotels daily, and The Hoxton expands to new cities around the globe, we wanted to find out if a hotel can be a place for people to find community and belonging – and if so, what a global hotel group needs to do to facilitate that connection.

Through our research together with Ennismore’s inhouse team of designers and strategists we identified that there’s a unique opportunity for The Hoxton to connect with people where they spend some of their most valuable time. 

In a time where we’re continuously surrounded by screens and notifications fighting for our attention, and third spaces (i.e. places beyond home and work where people can relax in good company, a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg) becoming scarce in our cities, the hotel’s purpose transcends from a utilitarian place where people sleep to a space that connects people over shared values.

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Building on The Hoxton’s core values – discovery, curiosity, openness and honesty – we created a strategy that empowered guests to participate in collective experiences such as city tours and running clubs. 

By utilizing key experiences such as the booking confirmation email, the first visit at the reception desk or the hotel lobby as a meeting and discovery place we created a journey that takes people from being anonymous guests to becoming ambassadors of a global tribe that identify with the hotels core values.

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