VR artist Barnaby Steel at his studio

VR artist Barnaby Steel in his London studio, Episode 03. Image via Lagom


Hosting a salon for the cultural avant-garde

Together with the Vienna Business Agency, we created a podcast inviting the creative avant-garde to confer on the emerging intersections of culture and technology.

With its rich cultural heritage Austria’s capital city has been a hub for cultural innovation in the past, pioneering not only classical music, theatre and art but also avant-garde movements such as Viennese actionism, performance art and electronic music.

Advancements in technology have always been part of that process. The digitalisation of society has only accelerated that. The way we experience, create and participate in that thing called culture is profoundly changing - with new challenges and opportunities arising for established institutions and newcomers alike.

Culture Tech Podcast_phone mockup
We created The Culture & Technology Podcast: an ongoing series of conversations that pair a leading curator, researcher, artist, or cultural expert from Vienna with a counterpart from further afield to explore how technology is influencing the future of cultural experiences.

Curated in collaboration with Paul Feigelfeld and the Vienna Business Agency we centred the conversations on a wide range of topics. Ranging from data sovereignty and digital humanism to VR art, cyberfeminism, digital collecting and AI robots, the conversations with leading experts such as Francesca Bria, Cornelia Sollfrank, Barney Steel, Greg Lynn, Xiaowei Wang and Natalie Kane reveal the many facets of cultural changes in today’s world.



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