The Conference 2019 The Future of the Social Web co-matter

Reimagining the social web

Together with The Conference we curated an eclectic series of talks that challenged our preconceptions of what the internet can and should do to the way we connect with one another.

Hosted by Media Evolution, a non-profit dedicated to fostering growth and innovation in Southern Sweden’s creative industries, The Conference is Malmö’s annual flagship conference that gathers an international crowd to explore the impact of digital development on human behaviour.

Partnering on its 2019 edition we wanted to explore what’s beyond liking, commenting and following as the social norms of the current web. How might we facilitate digital interactions that go beyond these norms and allow for more diversity, serendipity and playfulness?

To explore the future of the social web we invited three experts to join us.

Charles Broskoski, co-founder of creative research platform (NYC)

“If you think of your most favorite or least favorite social network, and then try and imagine what it would look like as a physical space. It’s really easy to imagine if it’s a space you would like to go to every day or not.”

How can we sort out the good attributions from existing platforms and create new ones? Social networks have been deeply criticized over the years, but founder Charles Broskoski wants to turn the subject on how to develop and improve them instead. He wants to start a conversation about the important questions, What is a good platform and what patterns does it have? He describes as a platform for connecting ideas and building knowledge and explains that the users have a lot of power and influence over the platform. 


Darius Kazemi, internet artist and Mozilla Fellow (Portland, Oregon)

“You can have weird and dangerous features in a platform if the core is that you are never gonna scale.”

Internet artist Darius Kazemi is known for his many (and funny) Twitter bots under the moniker Tiny Subversions. He is also the founder of Friendscamp, a Twitter like social network with only 50 users which is run from a server in his own home. A more human scale social network built upon the input from the users. At The Conference 2019, Darius shared his vision of a radical new direction for social network sites.


Lisa Ding, senior product designer at Twitter (Boulder, Colorado)

At The Conference 2019, Lisa Ding, product designer at Twitter's “Design for Conversation” department shared insights and considerations on how to design for a healthy public conversation in a digital universe. Drawing from her actual work and experiences at Twitter.

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