The Culture & Technology podcast 015 | March 29, 2023

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Space Popular: Portals

For many of us, the concept of ‘Entering the Metaverse’ has this classic Alice in Wonderland-type feeling of falling down the rabbit hole. It’s a digital gateway into an alternate reality, detached from many of the physical laws and structures that our world is subject to. Anything is possible once you step through the gateway into this alternate realm. Together with Lara Lesmes and Fredik Hellberg from architecture and design studio Space Popular we explore how portals function and can help us create better infrastructures in our future virtual spaces.


Space Popular is a research-driven architecture, design, and media studio that explores the future spirit of spatial experience through virtual reality, film, exhibitions, speculative writing, as well as buildings and objects. Space Popular is directed by Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg.


Severin Matusek is a writer, curator, strategist and founder of co—matter, a creative studio exploring the cultural and societal impact of new technologies.


  • The Portal Galleries is a research project creating an archive of portals in fiction and popular culture.
  • Threaded Thresholds - The Fabric of Civic Teleporation is a proposal for a threaded portal infrastructure by Space Popular.


The Culture & Technology Podcast is a long-form interview podcast produced by the Vienna Business Agency @wirtschaftsagentur_wien that aims to establish a long-term perspective on the ways emerging technologies impact cultural production.

Editorial Team: Mike Evans, Paul Feigelfeld, Severin Matusek, Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör, Theresa Reimann-Dubbers, Elisa Stockinger, Heinz Wolf

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