The Culture & Technology podcast 014 | March 8, 2023

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Merel van Helsdingen & Tina Lorenz: Means of Production

It’s no shock to anyone that we’re spending more time in virtual spaces. Our online lives are becoming ever more entangled with the reality we live outside of our screens and as this happens the role of our geocultural institutions is changing. After all, for an artist in need of exposure, why should they exhibit their work in a gallery if they can reach more people digitally? Of course there is still a need for spaces that create experiences the Metaverse can’t and as we see more physical work translated into digital media we also see digital media translated into the physical space. This is where we begin this episode exploring these ideas with Merel van Helsdingen and Tina Lorenz.


Merel van Helsdingen founded Nxt Museum during the pandemic. It’s the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to new media art.

Tina Lorenz is the Project Manager for Digital Development at Staatstheater Augsburg. She grew up a member of the Chaos Computer Club and is a founding member of the hackspaces metalab Vienna and Binary Kitchen Regensburg. Since 2012, she has published and spoken on the possibilities of digital theatre.


Severin Matusek is a strategist and founder of co—matter, a creative studio exploring the cultural and societal impact of new technologies.


  • Nxt Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to new media art.
  • Chaos Computer Club is Europe’s largest association of hackers. They provide information on issues such as surveillance, privacy and freedom of information.


The Culture & Technology Podcast is a long-form interview podcast produced by the Vienna Business Agency @wirtschaftsagentur_wien that aims to establish a long-term perspective on the ways emerging technologies impact cultural production.

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