The Culture & Technology podcast 007 | Oct 14, 2021

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Greg Lynn: Humans & Machines

Greg Lynn has been at the forefront of architecture and design since the early 2000s but his current focus is around technology that encourages us to move and enables people the opportunity to be more active.

In this episode, we talk about just that as well as the ethics of technology, sustainability in architecture and the ins and outs of robot etiquette.


Greg Lynn is an architect, designer, and professor at the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture. He is CEO and co-founder of Piaggio Fast Forward, a company changing the face of mobility with their robotic technologies.


Severin Matusek is an editor, producer and strategist who has spent the last decade researching how technology transforms culture, communities and society.


  • Piaggio Fast Forward is a robotics company working on solutions to mobility through the use of technology. They design, develop, and manufacture new kinds of vehicles.
  • Gita is a first-of-its-kind, sensor-enabled following robot. It pairs with a person and tracks their path and movement whilst carrying up to carry 20kg of cargo.
  • Robot Etiquette is an article written by Greg Lynn about designing autonomous machines for pedestrian spaces.
  • Devon Turnbull creates handcrafted speakers that can be found in shops, hotels, and restaurants around the world. He is also a graphic designer, fashion designer, and DJ among other things.
  • Scott Galloway is a professor of Business and Marketing at NYU and has written a critical book on how Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple have infiltrated our lives.


The Culture & Technology Podcast is a long-form interview podcast produced by the Vienna Business Agency @wirtschaftsagentur_wien that aims to establish a long-term perspective on the ways emerging technologies impact cultural production.

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