The Culture & Technology podcast 016 | Jul 11, 2023

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Dan Koerner: Senses

Think about a museum or an exhibition that you’ve been to that really stood out. What made it great? What sparked your imagination? What was it about the experience you had that really stuck in your mind? Often the exhibitions and spaces that captivate us most use a variety of different technology and storytelling methods to bring ideas, that are otherwise difficult to imagine, to life.

Our guest for this episode is Dan Koerner, creative director at award-winning experience design studio Sandpit. Whilst the last few episodes of this season have focused a lot on technology that takes us out of our everyday surroundings, this episode is all about technology that helps us engage closer with the physical spaces around us.


Dan Koerner is the creative director at Sandpit, a creative digital studio based in Melbourne and Adelaide that specialises in immersive storytelling through new digital technologies.


Severin Matusek is a cultural theorist and founder of co—matter, a creative studio exploring the cultural and societal impact of new technologies.


  • Sandpit is a creative digital studio that creates physical, tactile projects that help people engage with the real world in different ways through technology.
  • “Velvet, Iron, Ashes” was the inaugural exhibition in the new Victoria Gallery showcasing treasures from the State Library of Victoria’s collection and from other major institutions and private collections.
  • Forced Entertainment is an experimental theatre company based in Sheffield, England, founded by Tim Etchells in 1984.


The Culture & Technology Podcast is a long-form interview podcast produced by the Vienna Business Agency @wirtschaftsagentur_wien that aims to establish a long-term perspective on the ways emerging technologies impact cultural production.

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