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What do you want co—matter to be?

Share your thoughts and win one of our hyper limited official WS 2019 member scarves.

September 24, 2019

A lot has happened over the last few months. We've hosted our third summit in Copenhagen, completed season 1 of our podcast, started sharing insights of community members through in-depth interviews and have seen our little mailing list grow to more members representing some of the most exciting communities and organizations we can think of.

So we thought now is a good time to ask for your feedback and raffle off our brand new limited edition WS 2019 essential (as worn by Natalie and Severin, see above) to one lucky winner who shares their thoughts with us.

Are you up for it?

Please take a minute to answer five simple questions about how we can do better.

The lucky winner will be announced in early October 2019 through our mailing list.


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