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Welcome to the World Wide Web

A series of collaborative research seminars developed in cooperation with IKEA’s future living lab SPACE10.

Welcome to the World Wide Web is a series of conversations that explores how digital technologies empower people across the world.

Developed in close cooperation with SPACE10 the format invites a diverse range of experts to share their perspective on the future web across fundamental cultural techniques such as navigation, language and currency.  

Attendees are invited to become research fellows that participate in the discussion, co-creating artefacts that reflect the collective insights: from emoji mood boards to blog posts and physical letters that travel the world.


Welcome to the World Wide Web was conceived and executed by co-matter in close cooperation with SPACE10.

The 3-part series took place in spring 2019. Invited guests were Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño (scientific advisor, ES), Emily Jacobi (Digital Democracy, US), Emma Rose Metcalfe (design researcher, DE), Christina Xu (researcher, NYC).