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How visual communication creates a brand.

co-talks #4 with Susanne Bransch

Join us as we explore how images impact everything: from communication, journalism and media to our perception of today’s most iconic brands. In this far-reaching conversation we’ll dive into hands-on examples, look at the evolution of visual communication over the past 25 years and discuss new strategies to communicate effectively in today’s hyper visual world.

We’re honoured to welcome Susanne Bransch as our guest for this co-talk. Hailing all the way from NYC, Susanne’s agency BRANSCH and marketplace PLATNUM connects leading brands with breakthrough visual artists since 1990; resulting in countless award-winning campaigns over the past 3 decades and clients ranging from Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi to Microsoft, Apple, Diesel and many others.

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Cover photo by Aorta / PLATNUM