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The Power of Movements For Building Communities

Introducing The Community Leadership Summit #3, Copenhagen

The Community Leadership Summit is an intimate gathering for people who bring people together.

Community leaders from across industries meet to explore the economics, technology and culture that drive communities in today's hyperspeed world

On September 6, 2019 80 community leaders gather to discuss how some of today's strongest communities  are built around movements. We explore how community leaders have successfully identified cultural shifts at an early stage and build on that to bring people together.

We explore how movements form, grow and impact the world around us. Why they matter today and how they transform how we gather, participate and belong. 

Key questions

  • What is a movement? 
  • What values are movements built on today? 
  • How to identify shifting cultural norms?
  • Who leads movements today? 
  • How do we organize ourselves?


No keynotes, no slides. 100% real talk through breakout sessions, short talks and 1:1 conversations.


The final agenda to be published closer to the day.

Copenhagen, Denmark.
Organized as a part of Techfestival - a festival exploring how technology is influencing our lives and societies.


The Community Leadership Summit
Twice a year, the Community Leadership Summit is an intimate gathering of ~ 80 community leaders.

Explore the insights from the past summits.

Who's joining
The Community Leadership Summit is for people who build, lead and manage communities - from a powerful few to millions of members. They're entrepreneurs, technologists, marketers, activists, communication specialists, strategists, researchers, organizers, founders, CEOs, investors and philosophers from a broad range of industries.

Attendance is by application.

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