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Pop-In Call #1

Why Does WeTransfer Care About Your Mental Health? w/Annie Malarkey

We are introducing a new format to the co-matter podcast: the pop-in call.

Pop-in calls are shorter, more hands-on sessions than our long-form conversations. For each pop-in call we invite a member of the co-matter community to call in and share insights, learnings and best practices about a specific project they’re currently working on.

The goal is to share that knowledge with you.  So we can all be smarter, more inspired and more mindful about bringing people together in the future.

Our very first guest joins us all the way from Los Angeles. It’s Annie Malarkey from WeTransfer!

We talk about:

  • Annie's journey to running communications, events and partnerships at WeTransfer after working at Ustwo, and NY Media Center.
  • WeTransfer's 10 year history as a creative company and its belief to use technology to support creatives, not make them addicted
  • The story behind "Please Leave", WeTransfer's campaign that encourages creatives to abandon their screens and experience the real world:
  • Why WeTransfer decided to help pay off $30M of people's medical debt in Los Angeles and how it led to a partnership with meditation app Headspace
  • Why Annie believes in partnerships based on shared values and sees them as a way to grow and experiment, rather than purely measuring ROI.

Here is episode #1 of the co-matter pop-in calls with Annie Malarkey.

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Follow Annie at @AnnieMalarkey and @WeTransfer.

A special shout-out goes to Sabrina Dridje in NYC who Annie chose to greet in her final remarks on the conversation. Hi Sabrina!

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