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Pop-In Call #5

How UNICEF Builds Communities w/ Paola Storchi & Carrie Basham Marshall

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) depends on the courage and resourcefulness of over 14,000 people working in more than 190 countries and territories around the globe to protect children and young people.

To facilitate this process, Paola Storchi and Carrie Basham Marshall created BUILD: a community building framework to foster collaboration and exchange knowledge amongst UNICEF's global network.

For this pop-in call, Paola from UNICEF and Carrie from Talk Social To Me join us from New York City and San Francisco to share how BUILD works:

  • How BUILD got started in 2016 and grew by 500% in 2 years, representing more than 46% of UNICEF's global staff
  • How its online community transforms UNICEF'S culture and shifts how its teams are communicating and sharing knowledge across the globe
  • Why learning and belonging are the primary reason people join UNICEF's internal community – and how that empowers members to perform better, exchange diverse ideas and foster trust

Here is episode #5 of the co-matter pop-in calls with Paola Storchi and Carrie Basham Marshall.

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Read more about UNICEF's BUILD on Microsoft's Yammer Blog with additional insights and data.

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