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OneTeamGov: Growing a Worldwide Movement of Change-makers One Microaction at the Time

Sam Villas, Imran Hussain and James Arthur Cattell work in various positions within the UK government. In their talk at the Community Leadership Summit 3, they share their experiences building OneTeam Gov, a community within the government.

Key Learnings:

— One Team Gov

With the idea of learning more from each other, an unconference was set up to formulate principles for what a movement within the government would look like to further align the departments. It has now become a method for people to put on all sorts of events and activities.

— Growing community

There’s an engaged sector of public servants who can see that there’s a different way of doing things. The community has already reached Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand and Canada.


— Weekly breakfasts


James explains ‘The real difference was to make these weekly breakfasts every Wednesday and this glue kept the movement going, as we were trying to figure out who we were and what we were doing’.


— Diversity


A lot of the work that will be done over the next year by One Team Gov will involve trying to engage with African and Asian countries to make a more diverse community.

— A network of mentors

The community has allowed the members opportunities to build confidence, get advice, and find like-minded people that want to make a difference.

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