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Luuk Blum: Planting Seeds and Watering the Garden

Luuk Blum, a member of the climate activist movement Extinction Rebellion, shares his personal reflection on community leadership in his lightning talk.

Key Learnings:

— What do they want?

They demand the government to tell the truth about the climate emergency, to act now to halt further damage and to deal with these problems through a citizens’ assembly. The movement is willing to break the law to cause disruption but do so non-violently and preferably with a smile on the face.

— Movement vs. organisation

It is possible to create activism with a centralized strategy in an organisation but not in a movement. Extinction Rebellion is a movement based on autonomy and decentralization and they set their goals towards what’s necessary: mobilizing 3.5% of the population in a radically inclusive manner.


— De-learning


Generally, people are programmed to be asked, tested or given permission. But, in this movement, there’s a refraining from blaming and shaming by allowing a self-organizing system based on trust and community solidarity.


— Social and cultural rebellion


More than a systemic rebellion, there’s a need for a regenerative culture, which is healthy, resilient and adaptable. As community leaders, the key role is to plant seeds and watering the garden than giving orders.

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