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The co—matter podcast #31

Julien de Smedt: The Architecture of Misuse

Julien de Smedt is an architect and the founder of JDS Architects, the award-winning architecture firm behind buildings such as Oslo’s Holmenkollen Ski Jump or Copenhagen’s Kalvebod Waves.

We met at JDS' headquarters in Copenhagen to talk about how architecture influences the way we live and interact with each other as a community. We talk about:

  • How JDS architects designs buildings and places with the intention to be misused and re-appropriated in unexpected ways
  • Julien's youth as a skateboarder in Paris and how street culture shaped his approach to architecture and design
  • The role of architecture to encourage social interactions and community engagement

Here’s episode #31 of the co-matter podcast with Julien de Smedt.

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Below three of the projects we discuss in the conversation: The VM House (Copenhagen), Holmenkollen Ski Jump (Oslo) and Kalvebod Waves (Copenhagen). See more projects at

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* Please note the following corrections from the audio introduction:
-JDS didn't build projects in 45 countries. but designed projects in 45 countries.
-JDS' offices are in Brussels and CPH.