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Josh Greenberg: What Moves Global Festival Audiences to Join in the Party?

A veteran in the live music industry, Josh took on the stage at the Community Leadership Summit 3 to explain why people join music festivals today and the learnings we can take for building communities today.

Josh Greenberg, former Global Head of Experiential Marketing at Spotify and founder of consultancy Green Mountain Lodge, helped grow and steer some of the most iconic and innovative brands of all time, Red Bull and Spotify, during critical periods in their evolution. Now, he extends his experience and service to artists, management companies, labels, promoters, agencies, festivals, conferences, established and start-up tech and culturally connected brands with his consultancy, Green Mountain Lodge.



"This is the community that I come from. I started as a musician, and interestingly, this taught me how to be a part of a community, to learn how people start movements and how to start movements myself."

Key Learnings:

— Joined Red Bull in 2001

At Red Bull, Josh was responsible for building what music meant to the brand. They invested in communities, put themselves in to be apart of the community, and then within, helped serve as a platform to lift that up.

— Taking digital community behavior and figuring out how to recreate that audience and community in the physical space.

After a shoulder tap, he started working for Spotify, where he had to translate the learnings from the physical space to the virtual audience.


— Why do people attend festivals?


80% of festival audiences attend festivals because their friend is going. Is that a place where they want to ingrain a heavy music message, then? ‘The answer was very clearly no’, Josh explains. It was about unlocking the ability for people to connect with each other.


— Create platforms that allow you to engage more deeply with the artist and the music.


They identified the potential in enriching that one person who is leading the journey and driving their other friends to the festivals, as they also happen to be a higher listener on Spotify.

— Shareability of social landscapes of festivals.

It’s all about creating memories, this is what recycles back up. This is the actual movement that’s happening on the festival landscape. This is what’s for sale.

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