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The co-matter podcast #23

Jennifer Brandel & Mara Zepeda: How Zebras Unite Make Startup Culture More Inclusive

Jennifer and Mara are one half, or two of four co-founders, of Zebras Unite

Spread across 6 continents, 40 chapters and an online community of 4000 founders, Zebras Unite is a global movement that aims to make startup and venture capital culture more ethical and inclusive.

At our third Community Leadership Summit, which took place in early September 2019 in Copenhagen, we had the chance to sit down with Jennifer and Mara to find out how it all came about.

We talk about:

  • The story of Zebras Unite: how a movement was born out of an essay on "sex and startups" and the need to change something
  • How the movement grew from four co-founders to a global community of 40 chapters and 4000 founders
  • The power of metaphors to change culture, self-organized dance parties and distributing power from the few to the many
  • A short manual on how anyone can start a movement to solve a problem they truly care about

Here is episode #23 of the co-matter podcast with Jennifer Brandel and Mara Zepeda.

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