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Jacob Åström: The State of Engagement

At the Community Leadership Summit 3, Reform Act's Jacob Åström presents his personal reflection on the state of engagement today.

Jacob Åstrøm, co-founder and creative director at Reform Society and Reform Act, has been helping organisations for the last 8 years at better engaging people in their causes. 





Key Learnings:

— Traditional organisations had a long history of owning engagement.

If you wanted to change something in the society, organisations like political parties, labor unions and organisations based on donations were where you went. It was almost your only choice, but it’s not working as well anymore.

— Where does the engagement end up?

- There are many campaigns and initiatives that have sprung out from people and have gained momentum, such as Greta and her FridaysforFuture.

- Jacob also brings up the example of TrashIsles, an initiative by LAD Bible to make the great pacific garbage patch a country to push the U.N. to clean it up. The campaign engaged hundreds of thousands in this issue, with some never having touched an environmental or political cause before.

- Brands such as Patagonia are also investing money, energy and culture capital in long-term engagement.


— Organisations are no longer the gatekeepers


The brands and the people want the engagement too. ‘It’s almost a three front war, and if this is a war, I will be honest, I have no idea who is winning. (...) 2019 are shifting times and I am a bit scared but I’m also really curious.”, Jacob concludes.

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