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The Community Leadership Summit

Join us on September 7 in Copenhagen to devise how communities can make a real world impact.


How can communities have an impact?

The world is moving towards more collaboration and participation. The tools to connect people around a shared purpose are now available to anyone. Established organizational structures like religions, villages, companies and families transform. Our desire to belong to and thrive within communities is stronger than ever.

Yet, the transition from online movement to real world change is often scattered. We’re part of countless groups, forums, channels and hashtags; but which of those really make a difference?

The Community Leadership Summit is about exploring how we can use the power of communities to empower people, benefit society and inspire positive change.

Key questions

  • How can we use digital tools and technologies to connect people more effectively?
  • What are the skills and resources needed to start a movement or community today?
  • How can participatory initiatives create real change in the world we live in?
  • What are the technologies and platforms of the future that facilitate real world change?


We are looking to bring people together who believe in the transformational power of communities: entrepreneurs, technologists, marketers, communication specialists, strategists, researchers, organizers, founders, CEOs, professors, investors, philosophers.. Are you one of us?

Then apply now and tell us why you should be a part of this conversation.

Attendance will be invite-only and limited to 75 people to ensure we have high quality interactions.


The Community Leadership Summit takes place on September 7 as part of Copenhagen’s Techfestival, an annual festival that explores the relationship between humans and technology.