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How did WeTransfer Become a Platform for Creatives?

A Podcast Interview with WeTransfer President & CMO Damian Bradfield

Welcome to the second edition of the co-matter podcast, a series of conversations with people who build communities, lead movements and create cultures.

The guest on this show is Damian Bradfield, President and CMO of WeTransfer. With 40 million active users and 1 billion files transferred every month, WeTransfer is not only an incredibly successful file-sharing service but also a much-loved platform that supports and inspires creatives around the world.

Damian joined WeTransfer in 2o10 along co-founders Nalden and Bas Beerens. I met Damian shortly after his talk at this year's Tech Open Air and caught him for a conversation on company values, trust and partnerships with the likes of FKA Twigs, Moby and Gilles Peterson. 

The 5 key take aways from Damian

  • How to remove ego and always put creators first
  • Why trust is bigger than business
  • Do one thing really well, and do it honestly
  • Listen and learn from your users
  • Do what you're passionate about. And make it sustainable

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