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The co—matter podcast #29

Darius Kazemi: How to Create Your Own Social Network

Darius, who is also known as Tiny Subversions on the www, is an internet artist and a researcher on the future of social networks.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, he has recently undertaken a fellowship at the Mozilla Foundation in Berlin which resulted in “Run your own social” - a manual that teaches anybody how to create and run a social network for their close circle of friends.

We sat down with Darius at The Conference in Malmö, Sweden, to talk about:

- Darius’ journey from being a video game developer to blogging to researching the history & culture of the social web

- Why we should move away from big social networks — and how that leads to more power to individual people and communities

- How you can start your own private social network to share information, discuss topics and host movie nights with 50 of your friends

Here is episode #29 of the co-matter podcast with Darius Kazemi.

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Follow Darius at @tinysubversions on Twitter. Check out the full manual and manifesto to Run Your Own Social at

A big thank you to The Conference for hosting this conversation.

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