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Creating the New Social Web

A discussion on the future of the social web at this year’s The Conference, August 28 2019 in Malmo, Sweden.

We’ll be curating a track at this year’s The Conference: one of our favorite gatherings about digital and human development bringing together 1000 of today’s brightest minds in digital culture to Malmo, Sweden.

Our guests will be Charles Broskoski, co-founder of, Lisa Ding, Senior Product Designer at Twitter and Internet Artist Darius Kazemi, each sharing their perspective on how the future web may empower more diverse and sustainable communities.

Creating the new social web.
co-matter at The Conference on August 28, 2019

The initial vision of the web was to create a decentralized infrastructure where people could connect and interact with each other around the world. Today, very few players control the majority of the web traffic, with business models that are incentivising us to spend more time on those platforms.

As a response to the critique of the major platforms, a new battery of players are building social networks and platforms with a very different agenda: to create a digital infrastructure for diverse and sustainable communities.

Moderated by Kristoffer Tjalve and Severin Matusek from co-matter, we’ve invited the following guests to share their expertise:

Charles Broskoski
Co-founder, Are-na

Charles Broskoski is the co-founder of, the sharing platform beloved by creative types. Part collaborative research tool, part social network, it enables users to collect and make meaning from all manner of visual ephemera.

At The Conference Charles will explore how to build social tools that provide people agency to create rather than consume. Drawing on his experience with and his time in online art communities, Charles will reflect on creating spaces where diversity is the norm.

Lisa Ding
Senior Product Designer at Twitter

Lisa Ding is a product designer at Twitter, currently the design lead on the twttr prototype project. Prior to this project, Lisa worked on a strategic visioning design project, Direct Messages, and Health/Safety feature.

For her talk at The Conference, Lisa shares insights and considerations on how to design for a healthy public conversation in a digital universe. Drawing on her actual work and experiences at Twitter.

Before Twitter, Lisa worked at Google and attended Carnegie Mellon for her master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction.

Darius Kazemi
Internet Artist

Darius Kazemi is an internet artist under the moniker Tiny Subversions. His best known works are the Random Shopper (a program that bought him random stuff from Amazon each month) and Content, Forever (a tool to generate rambling thinkpieces of arbitrary length).

He has a small army of bots and web toys that he builds because they make him laugh. He founded NaNoGenMo, where participants spend a month writing algorithms to generate 50,000 word novels, and Bot Summit, a yearly gathering of people who make art bots. He cofounded Feel Train, a creative technology cooperative.

Recently Darius has taken a huge interest in the future of social networks and are working on both theoretical and practical projects to make them more human-scale and delightful. This is going to be the foundation of his talk at The Conference.

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