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The Community Journey

A short guide to creating spaces that bring people together.

V 1.0 - May 1 2019


A community is a group of people participating around a shared purpose.

A purpose makes people identify with your project.
The way they participate shapes the culture, values and impact of the space you're creating.

It’s very simple and quite hard at the same time.
Like most things that matter to us in our lives.

Becoming a member of a community is a journey.

It starts when people hear about you for the first time.
You take them on a journey from discovery to becoming core members of your project.

Each layer of the journey connects people closer to your purpose.

Each step of the journey takes place within a specifically designed space.

These spaces take many shapes: a newsletter, podcast, group exhibition, think tank, membership club, dinner series, creative competition, digital magazine or neighborhood association.

A community thrives when its spaces are carefully designed.

The world is changing at a fast pace.

Technology, culture and economy are constantly evolving. So do we, and our needs for the communities we belong to.

Only if you develop your space in close cooperation with your target group you can make sure it will get used and, eventually, loved.

Code can be copied.
Trust and relationships can’t.

A space driven by its community becomes a competitive advantage, making it almost impossible to replicate.

It's the places that often matter the most to us. From brands and products to political campaigns, corporate initiatives and public services.

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