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The Community Podcast #3

Jerry Michalski on the Power of Trust in Today's Relationship Economy

Considered one of the shapers of the dot-com era, Jerry Michalski observes, analyzes and consults on technology trends since the early 1990s. He also has the world’s largest published brain (which you can find at

Today Jerry is a highly regarded expert on Trust and The Relationship Economy. In short, it's about giving power back into the hand of citizens and the role companies play in establishing trustful relationships with their audience.

Severin and Jerry talk about the difference between consumers and citizens, the internet of the past vs the internet today, the dynamics behind platforms such as Kickstarter, Airbnb, Wikipedia and Uber, the evil genius of Donald Trump and many other things.

You’ll see that Jerry has a lot of wisdom to share. I myself listened to the interview twice again since we did it and each time discovered more ideas that are relevant to the way we build communities today. I hope you enjoy the conversation and take away many insights from it.

The 5 key take aways from Jerry

  • Where the fundamental shift from a consumer to a relationship economy is going to take us
  • Why companies designed from trust, not for trust, think and act differently
  • How platforms like Kickstarter, Airbnb and Wikipedia challenge new norms
  • How Jerry works with companies to support them in the shift from a mass-market consumer to a relationship economy
  • How Donald Trump and Uber undermine trust; and what the public can do about it

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