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co-talks #3: Tech Open Air's Niko Woischnik on Community, Growth & Ecosystems

In the third edition of co-talks we'll take a look behind the scenes of Tech Open Air; from its humble beginnings to Europe’s leading interdisciplinary tech conference that brings 20,000 people to Berlin this year.

Its founder Nikolas Woischnik knows a thing or two about building communities. As the founder of TOA, co-founder of 4000sqm coworking space Ahoy! and co-founder of communications agency Openers, Niko established countless formats for people to connect, build relationships and engage.

In this conversation, Niko and Severin will explore topics such as crowdsourcing, organic growth, word of mouth marketing, team building, experience design, ecosystems and global expansion. We’ll go deep into the social dynamics that helped build Tech Open Air and dissect valuable learnings for founders, marketers, creatives and anyone else working with communities.

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