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co-matter X Techfestival.

We're joining 15,000+ people to explore a new, progressive agenda on technology

We’re happy to announce that co-matter will be working together with Techfestival this summer.

Bringing 15,000+ people to Copenhagen in September, Techfestival’s aim is to break down today’s most complex questions into real talk and tangible experiences.

That means: 100+ co-creators from around the world get together to bring life to 100+ summits, meetups, conferences and dinners on topics such as Future Living, Manufacturing, Art, Gaming, Music Production, Food Systems, Female Health, AI Ethics, Transportation, Future Work, VR/AR, Digital Journalism, Open Source, DIY and much more.

Severin joins the team as Head of Communication for the summer.

Taking place for the first time in this format, Techfestival is the beginning of a conversation on the values, responsibility and progress behind the relentless drive for growth and innovation in today’s tech culture.

We're excited to be part of it. 

Have a look at for more information and join us in Copenhagen this September 5-10.