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The Community Podcast #12

Claire Wasserman: How Ladies Get Paid Helps Women Rise Up

Claire Wasserman is the founder of Ladies Get Paid, an organization and global community that helps women rise up at work. Since its launch in 2016, Ladies Get Paid has grown to 30,000 members in more than 60 countries.

In our conversation we talk about how it all got started: how Ladies Get Paid grew from a meetup in a tiny New York apartment to a global movement, how Claire attached a business model to it, her advice for community founders and her vision for growing Ladies Get Paid in the future.

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Visit Ladies Get Paid, check out their podcast and find out more about Claire on her website.

Favorite quotes:

13:30 “Solve a problem. Because people will connect if they’re trying to accomplish something. Ladies Get Paid is not a nice to have - it’s a need to have.”

20:27 “My biggest recommendation to anybody: you don’t have a business if you don’t have a business model. You’re just doing a project.”

31:00 “I got inspired from political organizing. Anybody who knows how to grassroots organize to get people to vote or to raise money for causes to believe in, there are toolkits out there. There are certain ways to do this and I believe anyone who’s building a community can take a lot of information from it.”

37:55 “I had this realization that when you build communities based on a shared challenge or shared anxiety, that makes people so much more committed to coming back.”

39:58 “My biggest advice in starting a community: look at the people you love. Also think about what I call portal people, people with big networks. Go to these people, tell them what you want to create, get their advice. And then ask them: who are the 3-5 people who they think would add a lot to this community or benefit from the community?”

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