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The co-matter podcast #24

Charles Broskoski: The Story Behind

Charles is a co-founder of, a visual organization tool designed to help you think and create.

Some call it the Pinterest for nerds, others an alternative social network that helps you collect and connect ideas with a community of like-minded visual researchers. has over 100,000 members today and more than 8,000 paying members that financially sustain the platform.

In August 2019, we had the chance to sit down with Charles at The Conference in Malmö to chat about topics such as:

  • How grew from a group of artist friends in New York City to a global community of over 100,000 members today
  • Subscription vs advertising: the importance of a business model that aligns the creators of a platform with their members
  • The Internet as a public square: why we need to create more mindful spaces online to challenge the status quo
  • Charles' advice to community builders: it's vital to consider yourself a participant of your own community, receive feedback and take your member's opinions seriously

Here is episode #24 of the co-matter podcast with Charles Broskoski.

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