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The Community Podcast #11

Charles Adler: What I Learned From Building Kickstarter

Charles Adler is a designer, entrepreneur and technologist most well known for being the co-founder and former Head of Design of Kickstarter; the crowdfunding platform that forever changed how creativity gets funded.

Charles then founded Lost Arts, a 25,000 sqf workspace in Chicago, and travels the world to speak about social entrepreneurship, technology and creativity.

We talk about his experience in building Kickstarter, how he designs community at Lost Arts, the difference in building a global online platform vs a physical workspace, corporate responsibility and social change through technology.

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Favorite quotes:

06:38 "One thing I see across all of my projects is the fascination with the creative process. A fascination with seeing, observing, maybe playing a role in the development of somebody’s idea. I love seeing somebody doing their best work.”

15:00 “There’s a spirit that we’re trying to exude. And a community that relates to that spirit that doesn’t quite have a meeting space. We want to provide that meeting place for that community that has that spirit.” [About Lost Arts]

24:52 "We built this platform. You can call it a community of creators globally. But what I find fascinating is that each of these projects is a community, pulling a really intimate community of fans together that love the spirit of that brave person’s act of putting themselves out there. There’s an honesty in that moment.” [About Kickstarter]

37:05 "We weren’t money hungry that we wanted a billion dollar exit. We knew that we built something special. We had a close relationship to a large number of people who were running campaigns. These were friends. We recognized that there was value in that. And why contort it for our own personal gain?“

41:46 “We’re providing a public service to diminish access to equipment, space and community around creative projects. This applies to both Lost Arts and Kickstarter: the lower the bar to entry to creative work, the better world we will eventually have. Greater freedom that we have as creators.”

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