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How We Built a Community Platform in One Afternoon with Free Tools and a Bit of Automation Magic

No coding needed. A little manual on how to connect 1200 applicants with 25 hosts thanks to Zapier, Google Spreadsheets, Gmail, Typeform, Mailchimp and Eventbrite

When we set out to create Techfestival this September, a collaborative festival that brought together more than 16,000 people across 132 events within 6 days, one of our challenges was to create a platform that connected event hosts with participants in a meaningful way. 

One of the event formats at Techfestival were summits: intimate one-day workshops that brought together experts on a specific topic (such as Sex Tech, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence) to discuss and share. Each summit was hosted by one or several experts in the field. Anyone could apply to join via a simple Typeform application form.

As a team of just 7 people organizing the entire festival we didn’t have much resources to draw from. So how do you make sure that 25 insanely busy summit hosts connect with 1200+ applicants in a meaningful way?

Within one afternoon we created a working solution using free online tools and a bit of automation magic. No coding necessary.

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