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Pop-In Call #8

Build Community, Space Will Come w/ ATÖLYE's Engin Ayaz and Atilim Şahin

Engin Ayaz and Atilim Sahin are the co-founder and creative hub director of ATÖLYE, a strategic design studio and innovation platform located in an old beer brewery in Istanbul, Turkey.

At ATÖLYE, 40 strategists and designers collaborate, co-learn and co-create with a community of 150 individuals and organizations to solve wicked problems.

How does that work exactly?

That’s what we asked Engin and Atilim. In this pop-in call they talk about:

  • The founding story of ATÖLYE, its roots in Stanford's and NYU Tisch’s ITP program, and future development
  • How ATÖLYE curates and coordinates a community of 150 individuals and organizations to collaborate with its strategic design studio
  • Engin’s and Atilim’s vision of bringing the learnings of ATÖLYE to inspire and build new community spaces around the world

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ATÖLYE is located inside Bomontiada, a former beer brewery and now creative space in Istanbul, Turkey

If you're interested in the work Engin, Atılım and their team are doing check out ATÖLYE and learn more about their approach to community on Medium.

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