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Aydo Schosswald: How to co-create and distribute a manifesto

In his talk at the Community Leadership Summit 3, Aydo explains why writing a manifesto is a crucial exercise to define your values and start a movement.

Aydo Schosswald is a technology entrepreneur and critic. As a founding member of Copenhagen’s Techfestival and initiator of its think-tank, CPH150, he was instrumental in the process of creating the Copenhagen Letter, Copenhagen Catalog and, in 2019, the Tech Pledge.



Key Learnings:

— What are manifestos?

Manifestos are often used to initiate a change in the world, and bring together like-minded people to create a movement in support of the change.

— Think-tank

Born from feelings of frustrations about the state of tech and dissociation with his former community, Aydo and several other dissatisfied members of the tech world, initiated a think-tank to create a space for conversations and ideas on what else could be done. This went on to give birth to the Copenhagen Letter, Copenhagen Catalog and the Tech Pledge.


— Copenhagen Letter


An invitation was distributed to 150 insightful tech-focused individuals, including summit hosts and speakers from Techfestival program. These 150 were given 48 hours to come together to create the manifesto that later became known as the Copenhagen letter. Aydo describes it as an intense group therapy that provided clarity through a common language, cohesion amongst diversity of opinions and a sense of accountability.

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