The Metaverse Memo

A point of view on the future
of the immersive internet.

Everyone talks about the Metaverse but nobody knows what it means.

As the social media era of the past 20 years ends we collectively re-imagine what the digital infrastructure of the future might look like. Brands start building worlds inside Roblox, Fortnite and Rocket League to reach their audience while big tech builds out the worlds they hope we will eventually inhabit — once there's something meaningful to do in it.

This memo is for anyone who aims to sharpen their point of view of what the next era of the internet might look like. It includes the highlights of our research of the past months, aiming to answer the following five questions:

  • Will the Metaverse connect us in unprecedented ways?
  • Will the future look and feel like a game?
  • Who owns the Metaverse?
  • What does web3 have to do with it?
  • What’s a Metaverse we wish to spend time in?

Date: 17 Nov 2022
Researchers: Mike Evans, Theresa Reimann-Dubbers, Severin Matusek
Additional resources: Figma board

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