Post-Social Media

A guide to the future of finding connection and community online.

The 2020s didn’t exactly get off to the start we’d hoped for.

The pandemic and its ensuing economic crisis, the ongoing environmental emergency, chaotic politics and the intensification of global surveillance– among many other factors – have created a climate of extraordinary uncertainty.

Amidst all the noise, our need for safe and productive virtual spaces where we can gather together, communicate, exchange ideas, build new movements, and support each other has never been greater.

Post-social media is about the future of building these digital communities.

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Questions answered in this report

A. Why are we moving away from social media as we know it?

B. What defines the post-social media era?

C. How are we taking control over our feeds – and attention – again?

D. Why are we shifting from horizontal social networks to vertical, niche microcommunities?

E. What will the collective experiences of the future look like?

F. How is the gig economy transforming into the subscription economy?

G. What are other potential business models that power future communities?

H. Why can platforms no longer afford to be neutral?

I. What can you do to shape the post-social media era?

Social media vs post-social media_co-matter

To answer these questions, we’ve gathered the insights of community leaders worldwide; strategists, organizers, researchers, activists, entrepreneurs and other like-minded people who use the internet as a tool to bring people together.

The Post-Social Media Report is the result of our conversations, gatherings and annual survey.

It describes the shift in mindset and culture that is emerging in the wake of the social media era (2001-2020) and is both a reflection to social media’s downfalls, and a gateway to new forms of finding connection and belonging online.

The Post-Social Media Report was published on September 21, 2020, by co—matter.

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