A card game about incredible and despicable people.

MEGALOMANIACS_a card game about incredible and despicable people

We analysed over 300 million data points to find out what the good people of the internet really think about Elon, Kim, Ye, and many more of the mavericks and mavens that make up and take up our news. Then we poured that data into rankings for each Megalomaniac. Are they perceived as powerful? Visionary? Delusional? Modest? It’s time to find out.

Megalomaniacs aim is to initiate conversations around wealth, power, and influence. Who are the people that rule our world? What do they use their power and influence for? And why is Ricky Gervais perceived as more modest than Bill Gates? By analysing more than 300 million data points on the internet we wanted to find out what people really think, and why that is so.

We created Megalomaniacs as a member of FUPE, an international collective that questions dominant power structures as tools to create individual and collective agency. FUPE's ambition lies in the belief that altruism has the potential to drive societal betterment, transforming individuals, communities, and the world at large. 

The numbers in the game were contributed by management consulting firm TD Reply. Using social listening tools and proprietary algorithms, over 300 million data points (in the English-speaking internet) were analysed over a one year period between 2022 and 2023.TD Reply used them to create the scoring system for this game. Net worth and height information was taken from Wikipedia and other open sources. (date: October 2023). Noise signifies the total amount of data points found for a specific person in a given period of time.

Megalomaniacs_Anna Delvey
Megalomaniacs_Boris Johnson
Megalomaniacs_Donald Trump
Megalomaniacs_Sam Bankman Fried
Megalomaniacs_Elizabeth Holmes
Megalomaniacs_YE : Kanye West

Release date: November 2023
Partner: FUPE
Illustrations by Emiliano Ponzi

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Management Board: Severin Matusek
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