After the Creator Economy

A 96-page, limited edition digital and physical zine exploring new perspectives for the ways we produce, distribute, and monetize creative work online.

After the Creator Economy_Metalabel X co-matter

A collaboration between Metalabel and co—matter, we spoke with leading artists, thinkers, and builders about creating a more collaborative, resilient, meaningful, and democratic online creative ecosystem.

Interviews include: Nathan Schneider, Mat Dryhurst, Samantha Marin, Pictureplane, Calum Bowden, Kyle Chayka, Amber Case, Gabriella Garcia, Nati Linares, Trebor Scholz, Ziv Schneider, and Kei Kreutler.

After the Creator Economy is available as a limited edition print edition & free PDF download →

After the Creator Economy_Metalabel_co-matter

This is also the first record released by Metalabel.

A record is a new digital format that creates a meaningful value exchange between artists and fans around any kind of creative output — physical, digital, conceptual, performative, ephemeral, live, exclusive, mass, or niche.

Records are digital containers for creators to issue and sell editions of media, drops, invitations, experiences, and other exchanges between creators and fans within a collectible, permanent, and tradable format. 

Records reintroduce a direct way to value creative work. Without contributing millions of plastic cases to landfills, digital records bring back the tradition of paying creators fairly in exchange for an edition of their work.

After the Creator Economy is available as:

1. A collectible record that includes a digital zine, a voucher for a physical zine, and a collector access pass [100 editions available]

2. A physical 96-page zine [100 editions available]

3. A free digital zine (free download)

Download the PDF here

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